We run our own organised retreats

& manage/organise your special
bespoke retreats:​

  • Mindfulness for Self & in the Workplace

  • Avoiding Burnout: Retreats to restore, balance & heal

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Bespoke Yoga & Meditation Retreats

  • Women's Retreats, Sacred Pilgrimage & Programmes

  • Day Retreats & Workshops

  • Annually the acclaimed Soul Trader Retreat for entrepreneurs & business owners/leaders

  • We can design your tailored Retreats
    specific to your group requirements


Get in touch
so that we can help co-create your
perfect offering together to fulfil 
your group's unique needs!


We are a small dedicated, specialist retreats company
with over 17+ years of experience internationally.
We are passionate about supporting people 
on their journey of self discovery, to lead and align fulfilling 
lives and careers and to instil overall mind-body-spirit balance.  
We focus on cultivating more clarity & compassion for
outer harmony and inner peace.

Our life-changing nourishing retreats/retreat facilitation blend all these elements and our clients include charities, entrepreneurs, corporate organisations, creatives, leaders,
spiritual teachers, coaches & authors.

Find out more to see how we can serve your specific needs


What People Say

“Leigh and Justin are a remarkable
couple and spirit soul team.
When it came to selecting retreat
organisers and collaborators
for my Soul Trader Retreats
there was only one choice.
Justin (Samten) is an exceptional,
warm-hearted yoga teacher/mindfulness facilitator and Leigh (Sherab) is one
of the most kind, skilled and proactive
event managers I have ever met.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru,
acclaimed coach – speaker and author

Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business

Lisbon . Spain . London . India . South Africa

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