One Week Retreats

Exclusive 8-place retreats tailored around your unique life, business and career journey and calling.
Balance. Align. Recharge.

“Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when

you're gone. It's what you give, create, impact
and contribute today while you're here that

then happens to live on.” - Rasheed Ogunlaru

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We warmly invite you to join an inspiring and empowering one week retreat
for solo-entrepreneurs, industry experts & leaders, creatives, teachers, healers, high achievers,
small & micro business owners seeking to build more balanced, meaningful, impactful
and profitable lives, careers and businesses.


"There are a dime-a-dozen retreats out there. This one is very special and unique. Surrounded by so much love.
Just wonderful." 

-- Jessica Huie, MBE, London 
Entrepreneur, Author, Influencer and Leader


Get some headspace.

Balance. Rejuvenate. Align.

Self-compassion & mindful business for success.

What does this extraordinary
Life, Leadership, Legacy Retreat offer you?





Compassion is even more
powerful than courage.

Sure, with courage you can
conquer a world - but only
with compassion can
you heal and build it.


Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach - Speaker - Author

This unique mind-body-spirit
retreat combines:


  • An empowering leadership development and coaching programme with esteemed Master Coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru & seasoned guides

  • Yoga, mindfulness & meditation

  • Rest, deep relaxation, stunning scenery and delicious food 


You will leave inspired, re-energised, clear, confident -
and with greater skills and a plan to build a more
impactful business/career. 

Embrace the opportunity and join us on this beautiful journey
for business, body, mind & spirit. 

Giving you the precious opportunity to: 

  • Step away and get a panoramic perspective on your life and business

  • Boost your leadership skills, courage and impact 

  • Develop a clear practical plan to progress your business & career 

  • Recharge and balance mind, body and spirit to align your life and business

  • Restore body mind & spirit in nature - by the ocean, nearby beaches & tranquil forest 

  • Gain space, stillness, clarity and inner peace

  • Re-connect to your inner self, your unique power & gifts, nature and your life’s work 

  • Enjoy delicious vegetarian food 

  • Breathtaking excursions that nourish and inspire joy!

This special retreat package includes - Full retreat programme in a

small intimate group of ONLY 8 retreat participants with individual

coaching, ensuring personalised attention for deep and focused

work on your business and your wellbeing for maximum value

and impact. Meet your retreat team:

  All included in the price except your flight.

Watch the short intro video for 2019 here

Tomorrow's leaders will not lead dictating from the front, nor pushing from the back. They will lead from the centre - from the heart.   ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

Led by inspirational and leading life, business and leadership master coach  Rasheed Ogunlaru author of Soul Trader, this transformational mind-body-spirit 7 day leadership retreat is being held in a breathtaking setting in a luxurious villa in Portugal

Co-facilitated and managed by Red Lotus Retreats
for mindfulness, yoga and yoga nidra relaxation segments.


Retreat Programmes

Guideline of Daily Schedule

7am - 7.50am    Gentle easy Yoga, Meditation (own choice)

8am - 9am         Breakfast

9.15am - 1pm    Soul Trader Masterclass 
                        (Part 1 9.15-11am / TEA BREAK / 11.30-1pm) 

1.15 - 2.15        Lunch

2.15 - 7pm         FREE Time   

7 - 8pm              Dinner

8pm - 8.50pm     Soul Trader II: Discussion

9pm - 9.30pm     Nourishing deep relaxation (nidra) for vital restful sleep

Includes Daily Mindfulness, Reflections and enriching,
fun excursions
to recharge in forest,
beach and
natural settings.
Nourishing delicious meals, picnics, snacks and juices.
Plenty of time to relax
, in a friendly atmosphere
and safe, conducive space.

This retreat offer includes:​​

  • Empowering Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Including rich Soul Trader course content and materials 

  • Set in a breathtaking space close to the ocean and forest

  • Daily yoga, mindfulness, meditation & stillness

  • Evening deep relaxation session (Nidra) before bed

  • Breathtaking forest, beach and nature excursions to rejuvenate & restore

  • Voyage on the ocean 

  • Comfortable accommodation in a stylish beautiful villa

  • All delicious nourishing vegetarian meals, treats & gifts

  • Relaxing luxury day spa package (entry to spa included) massages & treatments for own additional cost.

  • Transfers to and from the airport

  • Receive a certificate of participation/completion

Justin Van Uytrecht
Yoga Instructor,  Meditation Teacher & IT Professional

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Soul Trader Retreat Leader

Master Coach, Speaker, Author & Media Personality

Leigh Taylor Van Uytrecht
Retreat Manager, Host
& Yoga Nidra Facilitator


3 Retreats for the Price of 1

Mind  Self, Business & Leadership Development

Body  Daily Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Spirit  Nature, Excursions & Leisure Time


Traveling from the UK

If you are living in the United Kingdom there are numerous low-cost carriers from various parts of the country to Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.

Duration of flight from London to Lisbon: two and a half hours 

  • Skyscanner: often offers the best pricing options

  • Easyjet: flies to Lisbon from Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London Gatwick and London Luton. 

  • British Airways: flies from London Heathrow and in just two and a half hours, you’re in Lisbon. 

  • Ryanair: flies from London STN, Manchester, Glasgow. 

  • TAP Portugal: flies from London STN, Manchester, Glasgow. 

Lisbon Airport:

Lisbon Airport (LIS) is the largest airport in Portugal and the main hub of TAP Portugal.

Flights in brief

Direct flights available to: Lisbon Airport

Average flight time: 3 hours

Frequency: Daily

Useful Links

Portugal Brexit Visa Policy Update:


Lonely Planet Lisbon

Lisbon beaches


What is included: 

  • Your accommodation booking choice (as per details above)

  • Local transfers: from airport directly to accommodation

  • Local transport: for excursions via taxi, train and ferry to beach and forest excursion

  • Spa Half Day (excl additional massage & treatments, incl entry to sauna and spa)- where applicable

  • Hearty Nourishing Meals x 3 per day: (All meals are vegetarian/vegan) Breakfast, Lunch/Picnic Lunch and Dinners Included

  • Generous Nibbles/Refreshments during breaks

  • Unlimited tea/herbal teas/coffee and fruit

  • If you book a shared room, as a solo traveller, unless otherwise agreed we will make sure that your room-mate is the same gender as you.

What is NOT included:

  • Flights to Lisbon city airport

  • Any ADDITIONAL private transport via Uber or taxi for own bill

  • Any alcohol for own bill

  • Additional snacks /drinks not included during
    programme breaks

  • Additional massage and treatments NOT incl in Spa entry

  • NO SMOKING permitted in the venue/immediate surrounds


  • All attendees MUST have their own travel insurance
    and medical insurance (proof is required)

  • ALL attendees and guests are fully responsible for
    their OWN return flights to Lisbon, Portugal and travel insurance is advised.

  • ALL attendees are responsible for their OWN visa arrangements and no letters of invitation can be



Traveling from other parts of Europe

There are numerous low-cost carriers from various parts of Europe to Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.

Duration of flight from London to Lisbon: two and a half hours 

  • Skyscanner: often offers the best pricing options

  • Easyjet: flies from most destinations to Lisbon 

  • Transavia: flies from most destinations to Lisbon 

  • Ryanair: flies from most destinations to Lisbon  

  • TAP Portugal: flies from most destinations to Lisbon

  • GoEuro: regularly has good deals ​​

“Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when you're gone. It's what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you're here that then happens to live on.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru


Who is this retreat for?

Lisbon . Spain . London . India . South Africa

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