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Pause to Breathe: Rooted in self-compassion & healing Online Retreat over 4 days (10hrs)

About this Retreat

Join us for meaningful moments of self-compassion & rejuvenation through deep immersive rest and healing. 

Restore and rejuvenate your physical and mental health in a potent and nourishing immersive retreat experience. This is a 10-hour long weekend retreat.

Giving yourself a space to explore and rediscover the treasure of self-healing in your own body and mind, where you can reactivate your own wisdom and resilience. (This retreat is dedicated to the charity of Hunger has no religion a community feeding incentive started by Nuraan Gain - 50% of all proceeds go directly to this charity)

We are here to support you in your process with the reassurance that you are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed right now.

And to remind ourselves that especially as women we all value and need time for reflection, rest, serenity and self-compassion in our lives.

This retreat aims to support you to:

  • Retreat from the world to recharge, become more fully aligned to your own being and be more available for others

  • The opportunity to switch off from autopilot, and be more receptive, introspective

  • This retreat will help to demystify the practice and technique of meditation and relaxation techniques

  • Immerse yourself into the nourishing restorative practice of yoga nidra

  • Gently be guided in the practice of restorative and nurturing yoga poses and stretches to balance body, mind and spirit

  • Aim to during the retreat release yourself from the "achieve-and-doing mode" but to rest and relax into "unwind-and-recharge mode"

  • During this time participants should give themselves permission not be too engaged in the usual normal activities and take deep time to rest and recharge


DAY 1:  Thursday evening, (120 minutes) 7pm - 9pm UK Time [you can do this from bed]


We will start by doing a short meditation and contemplation, ( through which we can crystallise our feelings, aspirations, and priorities. Writing it all down, we create a go-to list of what we need to take into consideration when our life becomes challenging and when we encounter feelings of overwhelm.

After a short informal introduction and an interactive session, we can joyfully set out on an inner journey for this weekend, in a safe and encouraging group environment.

We will finish with calming breathing exercises and yoga Nidra for good deep sleep.

DAY 2:
1st session: Friday morning, (90 minutes) 7 - 8:30am UK time

[Starting your day early after a good night's sleep starting your day mindfully and fully present, even in pj’s !]


We will gather for the invigorating, yet self-reflective yoga session, followed by a powerful heart-opening guided meditation.


2nd Session: Friday evening (90 minutes)7:30pm-9pm UK time


In the evening session, we will look back to the last 24 hours and evaluate if we noticed any changes, new inspirations or challenges.

Through a couple of supported inversions, we will quiet the mind and replenish the energy in the body for the night ahead and two more days of retreat. We will end with a guided visualisation, which will holistically encourage the self-healing experience.

DAY 3:
1st session: Saturday morning (90 minutes) 7:30 - 9am UK time


After a good night sleep, we will start with a couple of twists and then dive into soft back bending poses, with the intention of stimulating our inner fire. With gained clarity and insight, we will experience the freedom of obsessive thinking and be ready for the guided meditation on loving-kindness.

2nd Session: Saturday evening (90 minutes) 7:30 - 9:00pm UK time


At the end of the third day, we will establish a practice of feeling the warmth, care and compassion for our own needs. With a thorough body-scan, we can let go of the expectations and unrealistic ideas about our own imperfections and realise that our vulnerability and humanity are shared common experiences. We will invite you into a final meditation of being receptive yet not judgemental, as skills to be integrated into our daily lives.

DAY 4:
Last Session Sunday morning (120 minutes) 8:00 -10:00am


With a newly found flexibility in our minds, we will engage in a couple of gentle balancing and strengthening poses, to understand how to gain access to the courage and energy that is already inside us. Before we conclude and offer our insights, there will be a final meditation, in which one we will thank ourselves with gratitude for taking the time to give ourselves what we needed. The last session will reinforce the habit of self-care and plant the seeds of compassion and healing which will grow into your life-long everyday routine.


Healing Priorities for this retreat

It will help to focus on these aspirations as well as reflect on your experiences and feelings.

Set aside some time and space for yourself where you can ponder, feel, align, stretch, meditate and digest to rediscover your inner strengths and integrate mindful actions in daily life.

These sessions will include:

~ rejuvenating and restorative yoga sequences

~ meditations for clarity and stillness

~ guided yoga nidra sessions to relax, soothe and heal the whole being and aid more restful sleep

~ connection to self and others in a safe compassionate and caring space

~ exploring through journaling as you deepen the practice and of body, mind and spirit

~ self-care and self-compassion to holistically heal and restore

~ daily reminders and short soothing self-work exercises to support you on your daily journey

~ supportive course notes and video/audio sessions mailed to you to use after the retreat as support

All sessions will be recorded and sent to you for private use by participants to be able to go
back and reflect and deepen your experience.

Every evening you can send your questions and we will support your process.

Half of all the proceeds of this retreat will go to support Nuraan Gain’s project in South Africa,

Hunger Has No Religion. Nuraan and a handful of volunteers feed thousands of children, mothers,

adults and elders in vulnerable communities. At the moment she is feeding approximately
1500 people (approx 400 young children) 
daily from her own home with meagre donations.

This retreat is dedicated to her big heart and her motherly spirit to all.

You can find out more on her FB page: @hungerhasnoreligionSA

And the short documentary about her ongoing community work:


Gofundme: https://gf.me/u/x5f9xv

Aleksandra Horwood & Leigh Taylor

This retreat is being led by Aleksandra Horwood and Leigh Taylor who are seasoned meditation practitioners passionate about creating supportive compassionate spaces where women can feel nurtured and have a space to deepen their own practice.

Aleksandra is a senior yoga teacher specialising in yoga therapy. 

Leigh is a trained yoga nidra facilitator and a coach who has been organising retreats internationally for more than 17 years.

Aleksandra and Leigh have led many retreats and each have over

15 yrs individual experience of living and serving in meditation and retreat centres

supporting others. They are passionate about service to the community and to charitable

work which serves and empowers women and vulnerable communities.


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: +31 655543275

EMAIL: theredlotusprojects@gmail.com


Lisbon . Spain . London . India . South Africa

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